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May Live A Day 2022 (Video Live Streaming Challenge)

Are we really doing this? Yes, yes we are! If you were here about three years ago (2018 to be exact) then you may remember I had this bright idea to go live everyday in the month of May. At that time Periscope was the new social media platform on the block so we called it "May Scope A Day" by the next year Periscope was losing traction so we moved the challenge over to Facebook/Instagram and by year three I was over it and May Live A Day was laid to rest.

Well about a week ago I was live on Instagram and one of my wonderful viewers was like hey we should bring back May Live A Day... I tried my best to ignore her comment but she made sure to bring it up again and the rest of the viewers jumped on the band wagon and was like yesss do it and apparently I forgot all the other things on my plate because here I am to announce that May Live A Day 2022 starts Sunday May 1st! (insert rolling eye emoji).

So here's how it works... you just commit to going live for at least three minutes every day in the month of May. I do have some prompts but you don't have to follow them... and you can go live via whichever platform suits you best Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube (I will be live via YouTube). I did reactivate the Facebook group which you can join HERE and you are more than welcome to post links to your lives there.

What's the purpose of May Live A Day? There are several different pros to doing video live stream but what I have found to be the biggest pro for me is simply connecting with people, I have met some awesome people during my live streams both on a professional and personal level. For that reason alone I will be live every day in May and I hope you will join me! The prompts are below and will also be posted in the Facebook group which you can join HERE. If you have any additional questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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