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July Recap in My Crochet Life & August Goals

Is it really August already? I felt like July was dragging but then I woke up and it was August. So let's recap July in My Crochet Life.

Projects Completed:

None... not a single one because do we even crochet in My Crochet Life. The goal was two dolls, and all I got finished is one doll head and the test pattern for her skirt that I still need to rework. No excuses I simply did not make the time to crochet but her head is cute and so are her eyes hand painted by TLP Brown Sugar Babies.

New Projects:

Although I didn't complete any crochet projects we did get to introduce some exciting things in July including My new YouTube channel, My Crochet Life with Yolonda Jordan if you want to see what it is really like to run my crochet business full time, this is the channel you want to subscribe too. I also started a new blog series the "Black Crochet Pattern Designers Roundup", that features free and paid patterns by Black Crochet Designers every Friday. If you want to submit your pattern to be featured on Friday you can do so HERE and if you want to be sure that you don't miss a roundup make sure to subscribe HERE.

Favorite Moment of the Month:

Highlight of the month was my trip to New York for my first official book signing at Knitty City Yarn store. It was so awesome to be welcomed and seen in that way. I appreciate everybody who was able to make it out and a special shoutout to my friends Aniqua and LaShonda for being such wonderful host.

August Goals

Goals for August definitely include more crochet than I did in July. I am going to make the time to get these two dolls completed other than that the focus will be on my Journey to $5k in passive income. If you want to know more about that make sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Alright that should wrap things up. Until next time.

Happy Crocheting Yolonda

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