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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Crochet craft space goals

I know it has been a little while since I have done an income report, August and September are both sitting in the draft folder and if you are actually reading this it means I actually got this blog post published. Yayy for me actually getting it done.

If you are new to my blog I started working my crochet business full-time July of this year. I have to put out the disclaimer that I live a very modest lifestyle which is how I am able to live on my income from my crochet business. I share my income reports because many people will have you believe that you can’t make money with a crochet business and definitely not one that actually sustains your lifestyle. So whether you do this as a side hustle or you do this full time just know that you can make money in your crochet business.

For the month of October…

my business made $2848.53. My main source of income is My Pretty Brown Doll where I sell custom order dolls, patterns and teach classes. October was an exciting month in pattern sales. Normally I average between $200 – $300 per month in pattern sales. For the month of October, I made almost $600! I am extremely excited about this as I have been working really hard to increase my pattern sales and it finally looks like my efforts paid off. If you are interested in any of my patterns you can find them on Ravelry as well as Etsy.

In addition to the income I bring in with My Pretty Brown Doll, I also offer Crochet Biz Consults via My Crochet Life and I do earn a small portion of my income via affiliate marketing and ads on this blog.

My expenses for the month of October were $323.74 this includes Etsy Fees, Paypal fees, website hosting, advertising, and supplies. So my total profit for October was $2519.79.

Overall I am saying it was a good month. My goal for my business is to consistently earn $3000 per month after expenses. As always feel free to leave questions and comments in the comment section below. Until next time happy crocheting.

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