Being Intentional: How I'm Finally Getting Things Done

I've always been a planner girl, from writing out my goals to planning my month and of course writing the never ending list of things to do. Recently I had been noticing that even with my trusted "get to do list" I was still left wondering what I did with the day because nothing was getting done. I started paying closer attention to how I was spending my time and that's when I realized writing the list was not enough I needed to really focus and get intentional with how I was spending my time. I needed to be deliberate with my day which is why I created "My Intentional Day" Daily Planner.

This one sheet daily planner is my new best friend and how I start my day to help me get more done. Because it has helped me such much I've decided to make it available for others to use as well.

You may find this daily planner helpful if you:

  • actually want to get the things done on your "to do list"

  • want to bounce back quickly when things don't go as planned

  • want to direct your energy towards the things you really want to do.

To use this daily planner simply download and print to write directly on it or use on your phone/tablet by uploading to a notes editing app. I personally use Goodnotes on my iPad to edit each day and then print it out, since I work from home I post it on my fridge so I can check in often.

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